Do we make albums..?

"Yes, we do"!

And we would love to show you the beautiful work we create. We design beautiful albums and work with Konpoli in Greece who makes the most beautiful handmade wedding albums and boxes. We are extremely proud of this, which ensures that your special day becomes a tangible memory. Everything is possible, but we would love to share our favorites with you!

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Memories Memories Memories


Cover album.

There are endless possibilities; a leather cover, faux leather, vegan leather, linen, even using your wedding suit is possible!

Your logo or names can also be placed on the album through embossing, laser engraving, or UV printing.

We love to show them!


A standard album comes with 15 spreads (30 pages) made of PVC. Not enough? more spreads can always be ordered. The album is a flatlay, making it a real eye-catcher to display.

extra spreads € 45,-


To preserve your album in the best way, we offer the most beautiful wooden storage boxes.

Many options.

A 30x30 album with a leather cover, 20 spreads can be ordered starting at € 495,-.

If you have a different budget, we are happy to talk!



Would you like a cup of coffee and have a glimpse at the materials, discuss the possibilities and design? You are always welcome!

Parent album.

Do you want to give a smaller album as a gift to for example your parents or witnesses? We also have smaller albums available. This album is 20x20 and contains 8 spreads.


Would you like a wedding album? Have you ever considered asking your guests for this as a gift? We can provide a beautiful voucher. A win-win situation, as it ensures that your photographs will be handled with care!