Who are de Bruidsgasten?

"Bruidsgasten" Dutch term for, "wedding guests".

Hej, we are Niels and Lieke, a passionate, creative couple, living the off grid dream in Spain. Niels has a technical mind while Lieke is a natural entrepreneur, but together we make the perfect team. We fell in love with photography and weddings and ever since, we've been capturing precious moments just like Cupid. When we're not behind the lens, we're exploring the world on our motorcycles, taking long walks with our retired K9 Joop or enjoying the little things in life in Spain or the Netherlands.

Our love for wedding photography has brought us to the most beautiful weddings and we can't get enough of it. Based in Spain and Leiden, we travel all over Europe.

The most beautiful day, intimate moments, the excitement, the loving glances, the stunning locations, yes, we live for this! From various perspectives, we capture all the emotions of your day. We love pure, candid, and unscripted photography. We use the coolest gadgets and latest techniques, and we're friendly and easy to work with.

We get energy from people, from fun couples and guests, from weddings and from the connection we have with you. Are you getting married abroad? No problem, we love to travel!


bruidsgast niels boere fotograaf


  • Photographer.

  • Fiance of Lieke.

  • Crazy about animals.

  • Enjoys being around people and thrives in a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere..

  • Often in an ice bath.

  • Technical, nerdy, likes to uses flash. Or 8 of them.

  • Innovative by nature and always striving to push the boundaries of modern photography techniques.

  • Likes to fly with drone(s).

  • Your must-have Bruidsgast.
bruidsgast Lieke caminada fotografe fotograaf


  • Photographer

  • Fiance of Niels

  • A list-making enthusiast.

  • The one for making sure we always have enough batteries..

  • An eye for detail and creativity.

  • A lover of raw, genuine emotion.

  • With Lieke's creative vision and Niels's technical expertise, the possibilities are endless.

  • Crafting elegant and timeless wedding albums

  • You must-have Bruidsgast.

How do we work?

1. website.

Our website gives you an easy introduction to us and our approach, but in real life we're even more fun than we appear on screen.

So, after browsing our site and thinking that The Weddingguests would be a great fit for your wedding? Let's talk!

2. personal contact.

Great, you've reached out to us! We'd love to chat with you, either over the phone, video call, or in person, so we can get to know you, learn about your wedding plans, and tell you more about who we are, how we work and the options available to you.

We're here to help guide you through the planning process, even if you're just starting to think about your big day. Let's work together to make your wedding dreams a reality.

We can't wait to share our experience and expertise with you.

3. the BIG day.

We've gone over everything together and we're excited to be a part of your special day! We'll arrive on time to set up and prepare ourselves, and we can't wait to get started.

We understand the importance of keeping your images safe, so we make backups of your wedding throughout the day.

We're also looking forward to capturing unique aerial shots with our drone!

Let's do this!

4. the day after.

Depending on the package you choose, we'll deliver some sneak peek images within a few hours, perfect for sharing with family and friends! On the day itself, we'll ensure that your images are securely backed up. That's peace of mind.

Feel free to share your photos, and don't forget to tag us on Instagram! And use the app we will provide you, it will make it easy for you and your guests to share the images.

@debruidsgasten #debruidsgasten

5. delivery day!

Your special day has come to an end and we're now hard at work carefully selecting and optimizing your photos.

You will receive your photos via our website and a link sent via email. With a unique PIN code, you'll have exclusive access to the photos and be able to download them. You'll also be able to select photos for your wedding album.

Need to keep some of the photos private? No problem, we'll take care of that for you too, it's all easy and hassle-free.


Why do you always come with two photographers?

To ensure that we capture every special moment! We also make backups throughout the day. We work discreetly so that you and your guests can fully relax and enjoy the occasion.

What's your rate for travel expenses?

We charge € 0.31 per additional kilometer driven. In most cases, a big part or all of the kilometers are already included in our packages. We don't charge extra for weddings abroad, but would like a place to stay and eat something.

I have a special request or something unique I would like to include.

We're always happy to discuss your day with you and hear about any special requests or unique ideas you have in mind! We'll schedule a planning meeting with you to ensure we are fully informed.

How do we inquire?

Very easy. Just fill out our contact form, e-mail us or just sent us a WhatsApp.

How do you edit your photo's?

We optimize every photo we take. Because every wedding is different, we also edit your photos differently. We love earthy tones, a little bit of grain, and not too much manipulation.